Keys to being a great post player

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Keys to being a great post player

Four Keys to Being a Great Post Player: 

Getting Open –Proper Post Stance

  • There are two types of offensive post players:  Stationary Post Players & Mobile Post Players
  • There are a few different ways that you can get open in the post – you always want to try and get open in your scoring area. A few ways you can get open in your scoring area are as follows:
  1. Seal In – Proper Post Up – seal the defense into the lane
  2. Seal Out – Seal defender out of the lane for a “hi/lo” post feed
  3. Set Up for the Lob – Against a fronting defender
  4. Cutting – Cutting into an area to receive ball
  5. Rim Runs – Post Player runs the middle of the floor in transition offense
  6. Offensive Rebounding – Treat very shot like a pass and “go get the rebound”
  • Focus on a Proper Post Stance when trying to get open:
  • Post up in an athletic stance – with bent knees and bent elbows
  • Wide Base, Low Hips & High Hands
  • “Lower and Wider is Better” – The player that wins, is the player that is lower and wider
  • Wide enough base that you have great balance, but are still quick
  • “Sit Into Your Game”
  • Great Balance – Keep head back and in between knees – Keep a still head (baseball hitter)
  • DEMAND the ball with your voice and also with your position
  • Make contact with defender and move them back a step – “Own your spot on the floor”

Two ways to create and make contact with your defender:

  1. Step over the top of defender
  2. Pin & Spin Technique
  • Push hands out, so you can see the backs of your hands
  • Take up as much space as you can in the post –take up space with your base and your wide hand placement

Staying Open

  • Keep your feet between your defender and the ball
  • Stay light on your feet –Boxer Mentality
  • Fight with your feet all the time
  • Constantly show your #’s to the ball – Don’t turn your body and become “skinny”
  • If the ball can’t see your numbers, you are not open
  • Make and MAINTAIN contact through the entire seal – LOSE THE CONTACT/LOSE THE SEAL
  • Keep your hands high – limits offensive foul calls and also allows to be ready to receive ball
  • “Talk to the ball” – Where do you want the ball fed from????
  • Great post players are always thinking one pass ahead – set up defender to seal to the ball
  • One defender should not keep you from receiving the ball
  • Always try to get both paint and angles when sealing in the post

Four reasons to release your seal of the defender:

  1. Go catch a pass
  2. Up against a 3 seconds in the lane call
  3. If you get out of your scoring area
  4. On any dribble penetration

Receive the Ball Safely

  • Catch the Ball with your eyes, feet and hands
  • Ball security is number one thing when ball is passed into the post – Catch the ball!!!!
  • Catch, Chin & Look Middle – Play Slow in the Post
  • Exception to this is if you have a direct angle to rim on post catch
  • Block & Tuck Concept on every catch – Block the ball and quickly tuck the ball under your chin
  • Catch the ball with a “piece of the paint”
  • Catch with two feet in the post – Jump stop as you catch the ball
  • Allows you the ability to use either foot as your pivot foot

Scoring Simply

  • A great post player is efficient with BOTH HANDS around the rim
  • Try to score with limited amounts of dribbles – no dribble moves are the best “Sweet”
  • Get the ball up on all shots – contact on the shot, shortens your shot
  • Three Point Plays are the ultimate goal – Absorb the contact and score the ball – TOUGHNESS
  • “Scoring Simply” means getting all of your work done before the ball arrives – just like a great shooter
  • “Less is More” in the post
  • Too many post moves = too little production in the post
  • You should have one “go to” move and one “counter” move in the post
  • Great post players have one signature move in the post
  • Finish closer to the rim, than where you caught the ball

Shot Fakes in the Post:

  • 2 Inch vertical shot fake – no elongated shot fakes – short quick fakes
  • “Take it up, Keep it up” – Don’t bring ball back down after shot fake – CHIN

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