Winter Rosters – Team Placement

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Winter Rosters – Team Placement

Parents –

We’re in the process of finalizing our Winter Rosters for the 2018-19 season. Most grade levels we’ve been able to complete and we anticipate having the remainder finalized mid next week.

At most grade levels we are able to offer multiple teams. These teams will compete at varying levels within the CNR Basketball League. CNR ranks teams from 1-10 (10 being most competitive) and we aim to rank our teams so they are appropriately challenged. If we have a team that finishes unbeaten, we’ve made a mistake in how we ranked them as we would prefer to see teams finishing with a .600 to .700 win percentage in lieu of being unbeaten. This likely means they experienced a little adversity during their season and played against teams capable of beating them.

Similarly, players were placed on teams where they would also be appropriately challenged. For some, this means they will play against suitable competition for the role they will be asked to play on their particular team. Year to year as the players mature physically and intellectually we’re able to ask different things of them as it relates to their role. It’s important as we’re developing these young athletes that we provide them an opportunity to develop into as complete a player as possible. This sometimes means we ask them to play on a less competitive team but assume a more prominent role on the team. For others it means we are asking them to take on different role (position) on a team and we need a different roster composition to allow us the chance to develop the player in this new role. Most important to understand, we take the rostering process very seriously and put a lot of thought into why we’ve rostered the teams the way we did. Coaches at each grade level are actively involved in this process from beginning to end.

Go HERE to view the 2018-19 Winter Rosters

Should you have a question as to why we rostered your child on a particular team I’m happy to have a discussion and explain the thought process behind the decision. Please just email me at and we can set up a time to connect.

UNIFORM UPDATE: Uniforms have been delivered to Johnny Mac’s for printing and we anticipate a call saying they are done sometime the week of October 8th. We will deliver the uniforms to a practice or game for distribution.

GO HERE to view the 2018-19 Fee Structure with instructions on how to make payment.  Your prompt payment is appreciated as we will be making payment for uniforms when we pick them up and league fees will be paid in mid November.





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