Tryout Schedule

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Tryout Schedule

We will be hosting a tryout on August 27th at the Lombardo All-American Athlete Center located at 2420 Hopewell Road, Wentzville, MO.

If you haven’t already registered for the 2021-22 season, you can do so by clicking on this link – 2021-22 Season Registration.

Schedule: (August 27th)

Time Grade Gender
6pm – 7pm 3rd Girls
6pm – 7pm 4th Girls
6pm – 7pm 5th Girls
6pm – 7pm 6th Girls
7pm – 8pm 2nd Boys
7pm – 8pm 3rd Boys
7pm – 8pm 4th Boys
7pm – 8pm 5th Boys
8pm – 9pm 6th Boys
8pm – 9pm 7th Boys

We will be inviting our 8th grade boys to a player evaluation at Lombardo All-American Athlete Center on Thursday, 8pm – 9pm.

As of 8/24, we are expecting to have Fall teams at the following levels:

  • 6th Girls
  • 4th Boys
  • 5th Boys
  • 6th Boys
  • 7th Boys
  • 8th Boys

We will have the following teams for the Winter session:

  • 3rd/4th Girls
  • 5th Girls
  • 6th Girls
  • 2nd Boys
  • 3rd Boys (likely 2 teams)
  • 4th Boys (likely 2 teams)
  • 5th Boys (likely 2 teams)
  • 6th Boys
  • 7th Boys (2 teams)
  • 8th Boys (2 teams) These teams will start in January once the Frontier Middle School schedule has been completed.

We will be establishing rosters for both the Fall and Winter sessions based on the player evaluations on August 27th.


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