Skills Development

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Skills Development

In an effort to serve our Jr. Eagles Basketball players during this unique time, we have developed some training lessons for the players. Whether you have a basketball goal in your driveway or have space in the driveway or garage, we’re hopeful the players will find something here to fulfill their desire to be in and around the game of basketball.

Additionally, take a look at the HomeCourt App.  This app is offering a FREE service thru the end of April to help players “Stay in the game”. It’s normally a $7.99/mo service to access the premium features. Once on the App, we invite the players to join our Liberty Eagles community on the App. It does require the use of a smartphone or tablet.

That being said, here are a variety of skill development / practice ideas that don’t require any interaction with the HomeCourt App.

Purpose: To learn and improve on ball handling and dribbling skills anytime, anywhere.

Instructions:  Pick any three from Group A, Group B and Group C.  Each skill should be practiced in sets of 50 repititions.

Next Day:  Choose the three you didn’t do the previous day.

Click Here to access the scoresheet to record your activity.

Click Here to access the Extended Learning – Body Workout

8th Grade Families – Click Here to access the Development Packet provided to our high school players.

Group A Group B Group C
Around the waist wraps Right Hand Slam Crossover
Pretzel (Fast hands) – 1 hand in front, 1 hand behind Left Hand Slam Between Legs
Pretzel with 2 (Fast hands) – 2 hands in front and then 2 hands behind. Spider Behind Back
Power Dribble (2 hand dribble to build strength in hands) Figure 8 Dribble Right Hand Inside Out
Power Between (2 hand dribble pounding the ball from front to back thru legs) Right Hand Push – Pull Left Hand Inside Out
Drop, Clap, Catch Left Hand Push – Pull Four Dribble Combo (Inside Out – Crossover – Between Legs – Behind Back)

Pick a challenge of either the Quick Combo Ball Handling or Push Out Combo Ball Handling below.

Quick Combo Ball Handling

Push Out Combo Ball Handling

5 Dribbling Moves Every Player Should Do

3 Dribbling Drills to do at home

3 Ways to get more shifty with your ball handling

3 unstoppable mid-range moves

15-minute workout 

10 minute point guard workout

Simple Ball Handling Drills for younger players

Quick Release Shooting Drills

Dynamic Stretching for Basketball

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