Shooting Drills

Coaches –

Below are a variety of shooting drills we endorse for use during practices.  If you find another shooting drill you like, please share it with us so we can post it on the site.

Star Shooting

  • Great warm up shooting drill that incorporates game speed passes, game speed catching and communication.

Full Court Shooting w Dribble Move

Shooting_off_Ball Screen

You can incorporate several different reads off the balls screen into this drill.  Different reads to incorporate:

  • Early Turn
  • Late Turn (Hard Hedge)
  • Refusal
  • Re Screen


  • Incorporates more players into game like positions.
  • Player receiving the ball screen needs to time his “v-cut” with the ball reversal so the pass can be on time and on target.


  • Curl, Catch and Finish at Rim
  • Curl, Catch, Space Dribble and Jump Shot
  • Curl, Catch and Shoot
  • Fade, Catch, Space Dribble baseline and Jump Shot
  • Fade, Catch and Shoot

(In each of these sequences, reinforce “Catching and Seeing”)


  • Great warm up drill to get the ball in hands of every player participating


  • Great warm up drill to get the ball in hands of every player participating


Horseshoe Shooting

  • Progress from layups, mid range jump shots, elbow jump shots to 3 points (if appropriate)

A, B, C, Form Shooting

  • Close range, 3 to 4 feet from basket
  • Players get into the “A’, “B” and “C” positions holding each position for 2 count
  • Shoot and then hop three times with arms fully extended, on balance
  • Up and down in the same spot
  • No twisting
  • Hop forward, hop back, A-B-C
  • Hop back, hop forward, A-B-C
  • 180 degree turns, A-B-C
  • Hop left, hop right, A-B-C
  • Hop right, hop left, A-B-C

Chair Pivot Series

Players perform quick stop and the following moves before shooting:

  • Baseline foot front pivot
  • Baseline foot reverse pivot
  • Drop Step

Players start under the basket and make a quick stop in front of chair (with ball on it) near the block (low post).

After the players are comfortable with the three primary moves, counter moves will be introduced.

  • Front Pivot –> Step Thru
  • Reverse Pivot –> Go Move
  • Drop Step –> Reverse Pivot

For each primary “go to” move, each player needs one counter move.

4 or 5 man Partner Shooting

  • Each group needs one basketball less than there are players.
  • Player 1 is in the corner and receives a pass from Player 2.  Player 2 will follow his pass and cut in front of Player 1 who is shooting.  Player 2 will receive a pass from Player 3, etc.  By cutting in front of the shooter you will create game like distractions for the shooter and also advance around the 3 point line (perimeter).
  • Emphasis – proper footwork for shooter, using inside pivot foot, catching the ball shot ready, up and down in same spot, no twisting, both arms fully extended on release.

X Shooting

  • 6 shots and then rotate
  • 2 passers / rebounders and one shooter

5-Point Shooting Drill

Reaction Inside Pivot Shooting