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Basic Offense

Our basic offense is the Read and React where players will be encouraged to perform the next best action based on some simple offensive principles.  The Read and React can function in a 5-out, 4-out / 1-in, 3-out / 2-in formations.  We will provide a few quick hitters out of each of the formations to help the players understand where to attack a defense.

We will incorporate a “Basic” first play that each of our teams will learn in various progressions.


1-4 High Ball Screen Drag


Numbered Break into Spartans_Basic – spartans_basic

Numbered Break into Spartans_Horns (Kentucky) – Spartans_Kentucky

Numbered Break into Kentucky 2 – Kentucky_2_v2

Numbered Break into Carolina (Ball Screen) – Spartans_Carolina

Numbered Break into Down – Spartans_Down

3 Out – High/Low – 3-chop_high_low

Box into Isolation – Box (Iso)

Box 1 – Box1

Box 2 – Box2


Breakdown Drills

Pass and Cut – Read and React (Pass and Cut)

Fill Open Spot – Read and React (Fill Open Spot)

Post Entry / Laker Cut – Read and React (Laker Cuts)



BLOB – Line Low – BLOB_Line_Low_2

Baseline out of bounds play – Illini

Baseline out of bounds play – Heat_2016


Fist Squeeze – fist_squeeze

Fist Special – fist_special

Ice – ice

Get It In – Basket – Get It In _ Cutter to basket

Get It In – Wing – Get It In_ Cutter to Wing

Get It In – Corner – Get It In Corner

Get It In – Handoff – Get It In Handoff

Get It In – Downscreen – Get It In Downscreen



Punch – Punch

Sideline Brush – Sideline Brush

Sideline out of bounds play – Mavericks

Doubles for 5 – SLOB_Doubles_5


Press Break

Press Break #1 – Basic

Shaker (Man Press Break) – Shaker

Reversal – Press Break Reversal

4 Flat – 4_flat


Zone Quick Hitter

Zone Quick Hitter – Pitt

Zone Quick Hitter – Doubles_Zone

Bulldog – Bulldog


Zone Offense

Basic Zone Offense – Nail_Flank

Wildcat – Wildcat_Zone_Offense_2

Wildcat Stack –


Man Quick Hitter

3-Chop Stagger / “Chopsticks” (Isolate the Post) – 3 Chop Stagger

3-Chop High – Motion – HERE

Motion quick hitter – 3out_Sprint

Motion quick hitter – 3_Pound

Motion 3-out formation – 3_Chop

Motion quick hitter – 3 out blocker

Motion quick hitter – 5 out stagger_quick_hitter

Motion quick hitter – 5 out corner stagger

Horns Set – Horns_Get

Eagle – Eagle

Spartans – Chopsticks

Kansas (Dribble Weave) – Kansas_Dribble_HandOff

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