How to “stick out” during tryouts

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How to “stick out” during tryouts
  1. Hustle. Almost every coach will have conditioning during tryouts. Show the coach that you are in shape and don’t give up during sprints.
  2. Talk during drills. The more you talk on defense and offense, the more you will catch the attention of the coach. Show that you have a high basketball I.Q. Show that you can be a leader.
  3. Get along with your teammates. This may seem like a silly thing, but the more you talk to all the girls (at all levels) shows that you can work with your team.
  4. Be a leader. If you do something tough, finish the drill and tell the other girls trying out, “good job.” If there is a girl who is struggling, give her encouragement. The University of Florida has a program over the power of touch. The basis of this course is that human contact with your teammates is more meaningful than talk. Slap hands after a drill, extend your hand to a girl who falls down.

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