How to select a basketball team

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How to select a basketball team

Navigating the landscape of youth sports and specifically youth basketball can be complicated. This is especially the case with the emergence of quality feeder programs (those aligned with a high school) and new basketball “clubs” surfacing it seems every year.

So how do you select the right program for your child?

  • You should look for a program that teaches players how to “play” the game instead of just running a bunch of set plays designed to get the “best” player the bulk of the scoring opportunities
  • Practices with a Plan in place featuring a balance of skill development, offense concepts and defensive concepts
  • Coaches maximize their practice time to get the players ready to compete at the best of their abilities during games
  • Coaches see the games as valuable opportunities to continue the teaching process.  Games should be treated as an extension of practice.
  • Make it a priority to be with a coach that believes in the process/compound effect vs. instant success due to teaching concepts that will have early pay offs but not long term gains (Positionless basketball)



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