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Down and Down Low

The purpose of Down is to create early offensive momentum. The 4 will down screen for the 3.  The first option for the 3 is to curl the down screen. If the defender goes under the screen, the 3 will Iverson cut to the right wing using a cross screen from the 5 to gain separation from his defender.

**Not shown correctly in this video, the 5 needs to space outside the 3 point line to remove any help defender on the 4 coming across to catch in the low post.

Down Low and Down 53

Down 53

Down Quick

**Shown incorrectly in this video, the 5 needs to space as the 1 attacks the basket.

Down Central

Down Flip

Down Flip (Backside action)

Down Flip Go

Down High – Low

Down into Fist

Coming Soon!

Wildcat (Zone Offense)

Initiated with a dribble at, the wing will cut to the opposite short corner. This creates an overload on the backside as the ball gets reversed through the 4 who pops to make himself available. (Rule of thumb, if you make the ball trade sides of the rim line, you trade sides to the opposite short corner.) The 1 will always stay high and be the reversal option. The 5 will always work in the post on the ball side.  The 2, 3 and 4 will be cutting the lane on reversals or flashing to space as they trade sides of the floor.

Wildcat Stack (Zone Offense)

Used against an odd-numbered front. Stacking the 4 and 5 gives the 1 an additional option for reversing the ball. Once the ball gets reversed, everything is the same as Wildcat.

Laker (Zone Quick Hitter)

Laker – Post Entry (Zone Quick Hitter)

Raptor (Zone Quick Hitter)

Guard Flash (Zone Offense)

Slip (Zone Quick Hitter)

Slip – Back Screen (Zone Quick Hitter)

Nail Flank (Zone Continuity Offense)

Spartan (Transition)

In transition, we will look to gain early offensive momentum pushing the ball down the floor in the alleys. If we can’t hit the rim runner, we’ll reverse the ball through the 4 (trailer) and get into a high ball screen with our 5 and 1.

Spartan Dribble Out (Transition)

If we can’t throw the ball ahead, we still want to keep our offensive momentum with a “dribble out” of the 2.  The trailer (4) will get in the alley for the reversal and we’ll lift the 3 into the high ball screen position.

Kentucky (Transition)

The 1 will advance the ball ahead to the 5 who pulls his defender away from the basket with an “L” cut. 1 will basket cut hard and if not available, he’ll immediately turn and back screen for the 4 who dives to the empty post for the pass from 5.

Kentucky 2 (Transition)

The 2 will set a screen for the 5 who spaces to the corner. The 2 will then set a back screen for the 4.

Carolina (Transition)

When all else fails, in order to maintain offensive momentum, we’ll get into a high ball screen with the 4 and 1.