Liberty Jr. Eagles Basketball – Coaches Corner

Absolutes:  1.  Catch and See    2.  Finish Cuts    3.  Box Out    4.  Talking

  1. Catch and See – Offensively we will emphasize players are to catch and see the court.  Another way of communicating this could be to “Face Up / Square Up” to the basket. Catch and see the cutters, catch and see the basket, catch and see defensive pressure.
  2. Finish Cuts – Cutters must finish their cuts to the basket in order to sustain pressure on the defense to protect the basket.
  3. Box Out – Whether in the war zone or on the perimeter, players must make the box out a top priority.
  4. Talking – Communication at practice and during games.

7 Fundamentals

  1. See
  2. Talk
  3. Fake (have an act)
  4. Down and balanced
  5. Details / Little Things
  6. Flesh to Flesh
  7. Finish everything

Offensive Absolutes

  1. Catch and see
  2. Finish Cuts

Defensive Absolutes

  1. Box Out
  2. Talking

5 Rules to Offense

  1. Catch and See
  2. Dribble with a purpose
  3. Fight for space
  4. Finish your cut
  5. If you help somebody, you help yourself