2017 Fall Rosters

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Jr. Eagles / Bombers Basketball player evaluations.  We had an amazing turnout once again and appreciate the enthusiasm the players demonstrated during the evaluations.

Each of our rostered players (parents) will be receiving an invitation to join our Max One account where we will manage our rosters.  This software program will also allow us to share practice drills, plays and schedule information.

Players who attended tryouts but communicated they wanted to start playing with the Winter season will be communicated to in an email.  We will post a list of players invited to play on a Winter team in a follow up post.

***While we’ve rostered players on specific teams, please keep in mind rosters will be somewhat fluid during the Fall to help us accommodate player conflicts and experiment with varying rotations in advance of the Winter season.

What’s next if your child didn’t make a team?

3rd Grade Boys

  • Austin Ryan
  • Ethan Mountain
  • Colin Ashby
  • Hunter Holst
  • Carter Chall
  • Caden Lorsbach
  • Jacob Schock
  • Langley Sanders
  • Mason Graham
  • Peyton Holman
  • Ryan Dobratz
  • Gavin Herbers
  • Gabriel Satterly
  • Geo Reji
  • Jackson Stringer
  • Jarrett McGuire
  • John Poling
  • Braden Stringer
  • Brody McAllister
  • Landon Boulware

***We will have a 2nd 3rd grade team that will start playing games as part of the Winter league in early November.  Players who are invited to play on one of our 3rd grade Winter teams will be communicated to by email.

4th Grade – Lady Bombers

  • Ainsley Kammermeyer
  • Audrey Moore
  • Kyrii Franklin
  • Madilynn Thomas
  • Mollie Buehrer
  • Sophia Gamm
  • Kailee Bastean
  • Alyson Moorman

4th Grade – Red

  • Andrew Fu
  • Chase Meyer
  • Jackson Ryan
  • Jacob Brettschneider
  • Mason Meyer
  • Tyler Cook
  • Chase Cradick
  • Austin Ryan
  • Lucas Bowie
  • Lucas Schwartz
  • Lukas Hetland
  • Rylan Versemann
  • Harrison Dunsworth
  • Jacob Stinebaker
  • Reid Comp
  • Brennan Czeschin

***We will have a 2nd 4th grade team that will start playing games in early November. Players who are candidates for this team will be communicated to via email.

5th Grade 

  • Michael Leine
  • Adrian Ritchey
  • Owen Tormala
  • Charlie Bennett
  • Trent Fischer
  • Cooper Freand
  • Jack Ryan
  • Alex Senica
  • Jack Brettschneider
  • Ryan Cole
  • Caden Boren
  • Conor Meyers
  • Frank Berkbigler
  • Connor Stone
  • Landen Thomas
  • Saketh Subramanian
  • Bryce Haines
  • Lucas Sottile

***We will have two 5th grade teams participating in the CNR Winter League. 5th grade parents will receive separate communication regarding our approach for the upcoming Fall season.

6th Grade Red

  • Brayden Gardner
  • Aiden King
  • Carter Ashby
  • Evan Hargrove
  • Canton Terrell
  • Jackson Bruening
  • Nick Brengarth
  • Ryan Ritter
  • Ty Holman
  • Owen Merritt
  • Cole Harris

6th Grade White

  • Zeke Brown
  • Jacob Peeler
  • Conner Christen
  • Charlie Masa
  • Tyson Mills
  • Matthew Manacchio
  • Cannon Cunningham
  • Chris Howdeshell
  • Nick Phillips

***We will have a 6th Grade Blue team that will start playing games in early November.  Players who are candidates for this team will be communicated to via email.

7th Red

  • Ashton Long
  • Bryson Sutton
  • Brady Connor
  • Conner Wunderlich
  • Nathan Bobikiewicz
  • Drew Cole
  • Seth Benes
  • Aidan Rathmann
  • Archie Beckerdite
  • Sam Johnston

7th White

  • Cameron Wright
  • Clayton Bergkoetter
  • Wesley Hauk
  • Kenny Poling
  • Jay Dee Esher
  • Dontrel Mitchell
  • Cooper Cowden
  • Aidan Cole
  • Hank Meyer
  • Drake Politte
  • Anthony Grawer
  • Brett Herring

***We will be adding a 3rd 7th grade team for the Winter season to begin playing games in early November.  Players who are candidates for this team will be communicated to via email.