10,000 Shot Club

“To win a national Championship, (or district championship!) you must make yourself worthy. There have been many players and teams who have been worthy that have not won a championship. But there has never been a player or team who has won a championship that has not been worthy”

-Coach Krzyzewski Duke University


There is a school of thought that says it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a particular field. If we can translate that thinking into shooting repetitions on the basketball court, 10,000 shots can seem very overwhelming.

To shoot 10,000 shots over the course of the summer is an amazing accomplishment and takes a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment. It requires the discipline to find the time to get your shots in and the responsibility to record them in your booklet.

This challenge is all about you as an individual and your willingness to work hard and improve as a player.

When you look at 10,000 shots, it becomes a little more manageable if you break it down:

  • There are 10 weeks in the summer
  • You need to shoot 1000 shots every week for 10 weeks o You need to shot 250 shots per session 4 times a week

If you are working hard, and with a partner shooting as well, this will take about 45 minutes for both guys to get 250 shots. By yourself with a rebounder, it will take 30 minutes. Can you find time for that?

The goal of this is to work on shooting technique, get repetitions and gain confidence in your shot. I encourage you to get a partner. Hold your teammates accountable. It will make working out more fun and help make your workouts go quicker.

We have done almost all of these shooting drills at some point during this season. If you are unsure of what something is, let me know. The idea is to go at game speed but not sacrifice technique at the same time. You can do the workouts in any order but do not repeat a workout more than once a week. I will not be looking over your shoulder everyday this summer. I will provide some opportunities but think of the honesty and integrity of this accomplishment when filling out your booklet. Be sure to record your total makes out of 25 attempts for each drill each day.

This 10,000 shot club booklet is due back to me by the first day of school. If you successfully complete this challenge, you will be rewarded with your name engraved on the plaque that will stay with this program forever!

Good luck!

Coach Sodemann